The Ultimate Guide to Application Security

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The Ultimate Guide to Application Security

About Course

"Information Security Management : A Practical Approach" is collaboration with CYBER SANSKAR for

The "Ultimate Guide to Application Security" course is a comprehensive and hands-on training program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, implement, and manage robust security measures for web and mobile applications. This course is suitable for developers, security professionals, IT administrators, and anyone involved in the development and deployment of applications.

Special Hands on Batch for University Only

Lectures and Presentations: In-depth presentations on each module by industry experts.

  • Hands-On Labs: Practical exercises and demonstrations using real-world applications and security tools.
  • Case Studies: Analysis of real-life application security incidents and how they could have been prevented.
  • Group Discussions: Collaborative discussions on best practices, challenges, and emerging trends in application security.
  • Certification Exam: A comprehensive exam to assess participants' understanding and proficiency in application security principles and practices.


  • Basic understanding of software development concepts.
  • Familiarity with web and mobile application technologies.

Course content

videoDeferent Types of Application Start
videoDifferent operating systems & applications. Start
videoApplication Relented Cyber Attacks Start
videoSafeguard applications against potential attacks. Start
videoApplication Security Objectives Start
videoInsecure Deserialization Start
videoSecurity Misconfiguration Start
videoSensitive Data Exposure Start
videoXML External Entities Start
videoBroken Access Control Start
videoBroken Authentication Start
videoInjection Start
videoCross Site Scripting Start
videoUsing Components with Known Vulnerabilities Start
videoIP address Start
videomobile IP address Start
videoIP address of a website Start
videoDomain Administrator & Investigation Start
videoSteganography Start
videoweb-based tool for Cyber investigation Start
videoQR Code for User Investigation Start
videomobile tracking Start
videomobile secret code Start
videoHow to Hide Your Location Start
videoOWASP ZAP Start
videoRunning a ZAP Scan Start
videoSecurity Models Start
videoRisk Rating and Threat Modeling Start
videoEncryption and Hashing Start
videoPassword Management Start
videoWeb Application Firewall Start
videoRuntime Application Self-Protection Start
videoInteractive Application Security Testing Start
videoDynamic Application Security Testing Start
videoStatic Application Security Testing Start
Tanmay S Dikshit

Tanmay S Dikshit

Certified Pro

Course Instructor

Dr. Tanmay S Dikshit is Highly Energetic Speaker of BCI, IoT & Digital Device's Security and Graphology Science. ​He was awarded 2 State Award ( Government of Maharashtra ) & President Award ( Government of India ). 25+ Years Experience in Technology & International Professional Level 50+ Certification Completed. He is rhetorician and well versed trainer and accords training to Military personals, detectives and all the security forces in which cyber security is required. He is invited as spokesperson at reputed organizations, companies and educational Institutions/Universities to shed light on the major aspects of Cyber Security. He also organizes events, workshops & Awareness Campaigns regarding the same.

(25 Reviews)
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