Forensic Science and Medical Jurisprudence

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Forensic Science and Medical Jurisprudence

About Course

Forensic Science is a fascinating field that combines elements of science and law to investigate crimes and analyze evidence. This introductory course will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the principles and techniques used in forensic science.

Throughout the course, students will learn about the various branches of forensic science, including forensic biology, forensic chemistry, forensic toxicology, and forensic anthropology. They will explore the role of forensic scientists in crime scene investigation, evidence collection and preservation, and the analysis of physical and biological evidence.

Students will also gain an understanding of the importance of following proper scientific protocols and maintaining chain of custody when handling evidence. They will learn how to use a variety of tools and instruments commonly employed in forensic analysis, such as microscopes, DNA sequencers, and spectrophotometers.

Course content

videoEpisode 1: Overview of Forensic Science Start
videoEpisode 2: History of Forensic Science Start
videoEpisode 3: Importance of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations Start
videoEpisode 1: Forensic Biology Start
videoEpisode 2: Forensic Chemistry Start
videoEpisode 3: Forensic Toxicology Start
videoEpisode 4: Forensic Anthropology Start
videoEpisode 1: Role of Forensic Scientists in Crime Scene Investigation Start
videoEpisode 2: Evidence Collection and Preservation Start
videoEpisode 3: Crime Scene Reconstruction Start
videoEpisode 1: Introduction to Physical and Biological Evidence Start
videoFire Arm Identification Start
videoChemical Analysis Start
videoPostmortem Examination Start
videoAutopsy Exhumation Start
videoMedical Evidence & Medical Witness Start
videoMedico legal aspect of death Start
videoconflict between the opinions of two Start
videoQuestioned Document Examination Start
videoIdentification of Handwriting Analysis Start
videoStandard of Duty of Care Start
videoNegligence under Law of Tort Start
videoNature of Professional Duty & Rights Start
videoRIght to Privacy Start
videoRights of HIV & Marriage Start
videoLaw Related to Medical Man Start
videoHealth Administration Start
videoComputer Crimes Start
Tanmay S Dikshit

Tanmay S Dikshit

Certified Pro

Course Instructor

Dr. Tanmay S Dikshit is Highly Energetic Speaker of BCI, IoT & Digital Device's Security and Graphology Science. ​He was awarded 2 State Award ( Government of Maharashtra ) & President Award ( Government of India ). 25+ Years Experience in Technology & International Professional Level 50+ Certification Completed. He is rhetorician and well versed trainer and accords training to Military personals, detectives and all the security forces in which cyber security is required. He is invited as spokesperson at reputed organizations, companies and educational Institutions/Universities to shed light on the major aspects of Cyber Security. He also organizes events, workshops & Awareness Campaigns regarding the same.

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