On the Job Training in Cyber Domain as Part of the Internship Program - Boot Camp

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On the Job Training in Cyber Domain as Part of the Internship Program - Boot Camp

About Course

🚀 Best Opportunity After School Completion & 🎓 Begin Your Career in a High-Demand Skill

Cyber Sanskar is a firm which came into existence in January 2022, but Dr Tanmay S Dikshit is performing this 17th Sanskar the new age Sanskar, from past fifteen (15) years judiciously !

🌐 Certified Excellence : We are thrilled to share that Cyber Sanskar is an ISO Certified and MSME Registered firm. This certification is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch education in the field of cybersecurity.

🚀 Specializing in AI & ML Base Secure Application Development Projects: Explore the cutting edge! Cyber Sanskar specializes in handling AI & ML Base Secure Application Development Projects, providing you with a unique opportunity to dive deep into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

🌐 Compliance with Educational Standards : As per MSBTE / AICTE / University Circular, it is imperative to complete 6 weeks to 6 months of offline industrial training from the IT industry. Cyber Sanskar ensures that your education is not just fulfilling but also aligns seamlessly with established industry standards.

🚀 Success Stories of Our Interns: Join the league of achievers! Our interns have not only completed successful careers but have also ventured into entrepreneurship in the fields they intended. You too can achieve remarkable milestones and start your own journey to success.

Vision : Cyber Sanskar's aim is to educate individuals, raise awareness, & develop world-class cyber security experts !

Mission : Cyber Sanskar's mission is to eradicate cyber fraud through education and becoming the guiding light !

Program Highlights:

🚀 Get Benefited from Our 15 Years of Knowledge and Experience: Immerse yourself in a wealth of insights cultivated over 15 years. Our seasoned professionals bring a depth of knowledge that will become your stepping stone to success.

🌟 Exclusive Offer: Only one of the best participants will earn a Full 100% Refund on Industrial Training !

🚀 Inspiring Success Stories: Join the league of achievers! Our interns have not only accomplished successful careers but have also ventured into entrepreneurship, shaping their intended fields. Your aspirations can become achievements, just like theirs!


👨‍🏫 Professional Trainer: Learn from the best! Our professional trainers bring industry expertise to guide you through every aspect of your learning journey. Benefit from their experience and knowledge to elevate your skills.

📞 Facing Challenges? Call Us: If you encounter any difficulties, call us at 8149256703. Your success is our priority.

🌐 Transform Your Future : Confirm Your Participation Now ! Empower yourself in the world of cybersecurity.
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🚀 Learn and Earn, 🔧 Live Hands-On Practical, 🔬 Laboratory Practical, ⏰ Real-Time Industrial Training, 📑 Detail Explanation of Projects 🌐 Career Guidance, 🛠️ Work on Real-Time Live Projects, 🤝 Technical Support, 👩‍💻 Accessing Project Code, 📜 Internship E-Certificate of Completion 🆔 Industrial Trainee E-ID Card (Verification),💻 Remotely Training & Working Available (IF Required),👨‍🏫 Learn From Experts, 🏆 Certificate of Completion 🌐 Full Industry Knowledge, 🕒 Live Classes According to Your Convenience

🎓 Who Should Enroll in this Program ? Whether you're pursuing a Diploma, Undergraduate, or Postgraduate degree, this program is designed with you in mind. Cyber Sanskar welcomes students from any discipline to join and explore the vast possibilities in the world of cybersecurity.

Join Now Degree Student ( Any UG & PG ) Bachelor & Master
Arts / Commerce / Law / Science / Engineering / Tech / MBBS / Business Administration / Management Studies / Business Studies / Pharmacy / Physiotherapy / Vocational / Mdical

Course content

videoProcess of creating and building a website Start
videoAdvantages for businesses Start
videoWebsite Requirements Start
videoDomain Name Start
videoBuy a Domain Name Start
videoWeb Hosting Start
videoBuy web hosting Start
videoWebsite Design & layout Start
videoResponsive Design Start
videoContent Strategy Start
videoConversion Elements Start
videoWebsite Development Start
videoWebsite Security Start
videoPopular Website Builder & CMS Start
videoDigital Marketing Start
videoSearch Engine Marketing Start
videoEmail Marketing Start
videoInfluencer Marketing Start
videoDisplay Advertising Start
videoAffiliate Marketing Start
videoAI Based Video Marketing Start
videoContent Marketing Start
videoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) Start
videoSocial Media Advertising Start
videoLive Streaming Marketing Start
videoSoft Skills Start
videoCommunication Skills Start
videoInterpersonal skills Start
videoLeadership Skills Start
videoProblem Solving Skills Start
videoTime Management and Organization Start
videoPersonality Development Start
videoFresher Resume Skills Start
videoGoogle Dorks Start
videoGoogle Parameters Start
videoGoogle Safe Search Start
videoComputer & Mobile Viruses Start
videoTypes of Viruses Start
videoVirus Total Start
video‘Mukham’ : The Age Identifier Start
videoWebsite Hacking Start
videoSQL Injection Start
videoMobile Hacking Start
videoAndroid device from a web browser Start
videoMonitoring Activities on a target mobile Start
videoMobiles can become victims as they are used liberally Start
videoMobile Live Trace l मराठी l हरवलेला मोबाइल असा सापडेल ? Start
videoGoogle Location History Start
videoBug Bounty Start
videoWordlist for bug bounty Start
videoDifferent type of bug bounty programs Start
videoDifferent types of Bugs Start
videoVulnerability Disclosure Policy Start
videoSoftware Tools Start
videoReporting a Bug Effectively Start
videoSample Reporting Start
videoEthical Hacker Start
videoEthical Hacking & Cyber Security Start
videoMobiles Hacking & Security Start
videoDifferent Types of Application Start
videoWebsite Design & Development Start
videoReal Web Building Start
videoWebsite Testing Start
videoWebsite Marketing Strategy Start
videoAI Based Code Generation Start
videoIntenship Report Start
Tanmay S Dikshit

Tanmay S Dikshit

Certified Pro

Course Instructor

Dr. Tanmay S Dikshit is Highly Energetic Speaker of BCI, IoT & Digital Device's Security and Graphology Science. ​He was awarded 2 State Award ( Government of Maharashtra ) & President Award ( Government of India ). 25+ Years Experience in Technology & International Professional Level 50+ Certification Completed. He is rhetorician and well versed trainer and accords training to Military personals, detectives and all the security forces in which cyber security is required. He is invited as spokesperson at reputed organizations, companies and educational Institutions/Universities to shed light on the major aspects of Cyber Security. He also organizes events, workshops & Awareness Campaigns regarding the same.

(43 Reviews)
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